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Day 6 COVID Challenge

Okay here's my goals for today - last summer we finally decided to close down our TackShop and we sold off a lot of inventory, but we still had a few saddles kicking around and they need to be listed for sale, but I have been procrastinating because they need to be cleaned and some nee…

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Day 5 Covid Challenge - Sommerborscht

So this is a popular Mennonite soup and this is my version which most people would probably not recognize as Sommerborscht which literally means "summer" "soup".

If you want to try something new give this easy recipe a try.  I don't usually cook by recipe and the pictures for this make a gian…

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Day 4 Thursday COVID Challenge

Thursday - Day 4 - Thanks to all who are sticking with this - you inspire me! Okay so Jami and I were talking about it yesterday and we figured we should actually make a game of this - we will use this week to continue practising - whoever finishes up this week - til Saturday - will rece…

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Day 3 Wednesday of My COVID Challenge

Okay Day Three - Wednesday - anybody still working on their streak of ambition? I am scared to even write my goal for today - if you don't know what I am talking about - on Monday I started a game - to post something you have been procrastinating about doing and then do it and put up a picture that …

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Day 2 Tuesday of my COVID Challenge

From my Facebook post
Day 2 - This is no longer a game folks! LOL
Yesterday I posted suggesting for something to do while you are stuck at home - to choose something you have been putting off for a long time and just get it done. Very little response - I guess not many others procrasti…

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Day 1 My own personal COVID Challenge

SO with the ridiculous lock downs imposed by our provincial government, and me tending to be kind of a lazy procrastinator I decided to challenge myself to get motivated and I started a challenge on Facebook to get people to help me stay motivated - the challenge is simple - pick some job or somethi…

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