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Day 2 Tuesday of my COVID Challenge

From my Facebook post
Day 2 - This is no longer a game folks! LOL
Yesterday I posted suggesting for something to do while you are stuck at home - to choose something you have been putting off for a long time and just get it done. Very little response - I guess not many others procrastinate like I do.
According to the game rules I laid out there are only a couple people who are still eligible to "play the game" and I challenge you few to put something up today yet -and for all you others who didn't get in on the actual game part - I challenge you to just pick something today and post it and see if you can make a streak of non-procrastination. - mine for today is below.:
So for day 2 - I already completed something - I was talking to my niece, this morning and she asked what I would be doing for a project today. Well I had a pretty horrible night topped off by being very cold - the house wasn't cold I was just cold - and when I have that kind of night I only have one thing in mind - a nice long hot bath - so when my niece asked what my project was today I said I hadn't typed it in yet - as I wasn't sure I wanted to commit to it - I was planning to take a bath (read that "procrastinate") and try to talk myself into doing it. Well the project was to install a new light fixture in the bathroom - our old ceramic one died. I went to take the dead bulb out of it about 8 months ago and the whole socket just dropped right out of it - and we have been using the three bulb vanity light for light in the bathroom ever since - something that has really irked me (but not enough to get it done before now) because I like to save the power of shutting lights off - I also somewhat like having a light on in the bathroom for the night - but not THREE! So each time I flipped the switch out of habit and the light didn't come on I was reminded of my procrastination. But in order to get that done I needed to change up a light fixture in the basement . In one of the areas - the light is on the same switch as the rest of the basement - that light is not needed to be on unless I go to that part of the basement - so I got the bright idea - probably like a year or more ago - to buy a fixture with a pull string. Being the cheap person I am I wanted to switch out the fixture for the pull string one and use that one in the bathroom. Well I finally did it - AND I did it before I had my bath - so now I could actually see to read my book in the tub. Procrastination and laziness SUCK - I hope I can keep this 2 day streak up for along time! So many projects, so little time. The picture is not that exciting - what you are looking at folks is that STRING! I didn't bother posting the bathroom one because I am hoping a future project will be installing a new nice fixture and not just a cheap plastic socket thing.

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