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Day 4 Thursday COVID Challenge

Thursday - Day 4 - Thanks to all who are sticking with this - you inspire me! Okay so Jami and I were talking about it yesterday and we figured we should actually make a game of this - we will use this week to continue practising - whoever finishes up this week - til Saturday - will receive a yet to be determined number of bonus points for next week which will be the start of the real game.
It will go like this - starting Monday - you post some time during the day - what your goal is (before and after pictures would be great but not absolutely necessary) and then that you have completed your goal by the end of the day - this cannot be something you normally do every day - but rather something you do that you have put off for a long time - might be starting walking, or starting an exercise routine, or cleaning a junk drawer or washing walls in a specific room, or cleaning a light fixture - or whatever you have been putting off - then you will be awarded points between 1-3 determined by others playing the game - you look at others posts at the end of the day and give them how many points you think the task was worth. For this game you don;t have to do something every day - but the more days you do something the more points you get - we will run this game for 2 weeks starting Monday - it will be Monday - to Saturday and then Monday to Saturday - Novemver 30 - December 14th - the one with the most points on Dec. 14th will win the prize - for local drop off - the prize will be homemade kielke (your choice of regular unbleached white flour or our homegrown fresh ground Red Fife wheat, with homemade buns (with wheat choice) and schmontfat from our cow - mmmm now I'm humgry - sorry - and for those not local if you win you will receive a mystery gift (for anyone who has ever received one of

's gift baskets you know this will not disappoint. So remember following through with the streak for this week til Saturday will give you bonus points for the start of the game next week. I encourage all to play! And if you have a friend who you think would like to play - tell them to friend and follow me and they can play too - they can unfriend me later if they like - and so without further ado I invite you to post your goal for today - mine is below. (we reserve the right to add or change rules if need be to make the game go smoothly)

Today's Goal:

So I will get this done today - insulate - cut a vent on the floor in Jami's room and install silver foil - haha Jami this means your goal has to be to clean your room!


Okay so I didn't get done - the pic on the far right below is my "progress" - it looks worse than before - but I did get the vent cut apart, the wall insulated. most of the floor insulated and the silver on the wall - and then I started thinking about the tub and talked myself into it that this week is a practice week and before I knew it I was out of the hole and in the tub. Oh sooo stiff - hopefully I will be mobile enough to finish tomorrow.

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