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Day 1 My own personal COVID Challenge

SO with the ridiculous lock downs imposed by our provincial government, and me tending to be kind of a lazy procrastinator I decided to challenge myself to get motivated and I started a challenge on Facebook to get people to help me stay motivated - the challenge is simple - pick some job or something that I have put off for a long time and then post it on facebook and then do it before the end of the day.

This was my post from Day1:

Monday - DAY 1 - Everyone has those things, those little things that they should do but have been avoiding - like for me one of them was fixing the washing machine. Did that Saturday so I am up by one (although I didn't finish the job, Terry did so then I am down by half LOL
So to PLAY THE GAME you need to post the job or thing you have been procrastinating on - and then post again before the end of the day that you finished it. Who ever can go the most days posting a minimum of one thing wins!
It doesn't have to be a big thing - just be honest with your self and with us - something you've been avoiding and then post when it is done - has to be same day to stay in the game.
Any takers? Come on we're stuck at home anyway - so Let's Play!
My first day was:
I'll get us started - I will sort my income tax papers by the end of the day!
I've posted a pic so you can see this is not a 2 minute job.
UPDATE - finished

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