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Day 3 Wednesday of My COVID Challenge

Okay Day Three - Wednesday - anybody still working on their streak of ambition? I am scared to even write my goal for today - if you don't know what I am talking about - on Monday I started a game - to post something you have been procrastinating about doing and then do it and put up a picture that you did it. - well as a game it was a bust but some people are still working on it as a streak - to see how many days they can keep it up - my goal for today is below - and it saddens me LOL:

SO - this one I have been putting of for over a year - our house has crawl spaces upstairs that were not insulated when we bought the place - there are 4 of them - I got three of them done last year but have one left to do. It involves crawling into a dark space - and moving along floor joists -- so I have to pull some boards in to sit on - then revitalize all the insulation between the joist - and then insulate the interior walls and then cover the whole thing on a tinfoil bubble wrap type of stuff - it's an ugly, dirty, itchy job, hence my procrastination - but its also very cold in there and it is reasonably nice out so I better get at it before it's -30 in there. I will not get this job done today. My goal is to get a start - which means a couple hours searching for and gathering tools - not that many things I need but finding them is always interesting. And then opening the hatch - surveying - and then motivating myself to get in there - this I will do.... yes I will ... yes I will do this. Pics will be up at some point today. If anybody is reading this I could use any words of encouragement you might have to offer - really - I will do this... I will... okay now I guess I am committed. UPDATE! Okay - already to go tomorrow - got my start, got my tools ready - and tomorrow I get it finished.

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