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Help for you and your horse

Are you a new horse owner?

Owning a horse is one of the few things in life that usually does not work out well just to "wing it".  In about 90% of cases new horse ownership follows one of two patterns that ends up in the same place.  One.) The new buyer purchases on price and/or looks alone.  They end up not being able to do anything with the horse and it ends up as a pasture ornament.  Two.) The new buyer does spend a decent of money buying a broke horse but without realizing what they are doing they "train" the horse to be hard to catch and hard to ride and the horse ends up as a pasture ornament.

The remedy to this is to seek out someone knowledgeable that can teach you how to handle your new horse.

We offer a basic 1-2 hour lesson for beginners who have just purchased or are looking to purchase their first horse.  We recommend anyone who will be handling the horse come out for the lesson.  It is not a riding lesson - it is a lesson in how horses think and how you can effectively handle them in a way that will improve their training and help you to be able to work with them in a way that they won't end up as a pasture ornament.  there are many small mistakes that almost every beginner makes unknowingly and we teach you how to avoid those mistakes.

We have no set charge.  Our goal is to help you and the horse you purchased be able to have a good relationship.  We leave it up to you - if you feel you learned something beneficial and would like to pay us something for our time it is completely up to you how much, if any you want to pay.  We are open for these lessons by appointment.  We have given many families lessons.  With very small children we recommend finding a baby sitter and leaving them home so you can concentrate - it is a lot of information in  a short time.   Text or email us today if you are interested in learning about horses.