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Well its a new day! And a new Website!  We just finished up another harvest season and while it wasn't quite as entertaining as last year our old equipment did give us some interesting challenges again this year.  I think we spent about $800 on our $400 Swather to harvest about $600 worth of oats - but we grew them ourselves and we know what's in 'em - lots of weed seeds.  But no pesticides or other nasty chemicals.  Everyone of our dilapidated pieces of equipment drove off the field on it's own power so we always feel that is an accomplishment.  Our old one ton truck even made it one more year.  Each year we feel it is the last year for the combine, the one ton and the swather so good on us.

We shipped some calves this week and were happy with the prices.  Reminiscing back to Mad Cow and barely getting $300 for a full grown cow makes one severely appreciate today;s calf prices.

I think we managed to get a nice amount of hay up for a change so we shouldn't be panicking in spring or desperately seeking supplemental feed mid-winter - all in all a pretty good farming year, for us, that is.  Real farmers would laugh I'm sure.

Next job up will be getting wood in for winter.  Maybe next week.

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