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We specialize in groundwork.  Because we have not been blessed with natural bravado, we purposefully sought out to breed calm easy to train horses.  On top of that we "groundwork them to death" before we get on.  Many people say that our young horses ride off on their first ride as though they are broke.  We spend lots of time on the ground teaching them to give to pressure and teaching them the cues they will need when they are broke to ride.


Every horse on our yard is in a constant state of training to turn them into a Perfect 10, they are offered for sale at various stages in their training and as their training increases and they work their way toward 10 their prices increase.


On each horses page you will find a training scale which indicates what level he is at with his training in that particular area.


In our mind for a horse to be a perfect 10 he must:


- Lead like he's not even on the end of the rope

- Load with no hesitation

- Stand quietly tied or untied for Saddling and Bridling

- Ride Controlled at a walk, Trot and Lope on both leads

- Back up willingly



We normally do not do outside training of horses because most people wanting their horses trained are actually more in need of training themsleves.  We find there is no point in us getting a horse to behave perfectly if the owner is not willing to be trained along with the horse.  We do offer training for people on a "pay as you like" system.  You come to us - if we help you - you pay us what you can afford and what it is worth to you. 


We do accept young horses for ground training and minis for training to the cart.


We will happily help anyone who is having problems with their horse  - usually it is a matter of a quick horse lesson and it makes a world of difference to how your horse behaves for you.  This ability to help people who are having trouble iwht their horses is one of the main perks of our new location on our own yard.  We have easy access to our live horses to give you hands on demonstrations.  It is a bit more of a drive but the scenery is beautiful and we're sure we can give you some help.

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