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At Red Dog Ranch we have chosen our Quarterhorse Stallion Duly's Razz first for Temperament, we purchased him solely on bloodlines looking to reproduce our One in a Million temperamented horse Quus, a bay Appendix gelding.  He is an Impressive bred horse and after experiencing his phenomenal temperament we specifically sought out an Impressive bred stallion.  Impressive is an AQHA horse with a sullied history.  Despite the fact that he has produced an incredible amount of champion horses many people shy away from Impressive horses because they are mis-informed.  The stallion Impressive is the direct link to the serious inherited disease HYPP, BUT any horse tested for the gene that does not carry it does not have it and they are just like any other normal horse - the key is to make sure the horse is N/N tested for HYPP.  All of our horses are Impressive bred N/N.  All of our horses are also 5 panel tested and NN for all the genetic diseases in the 5 Panel. They are phenomenal horses just like their great great ..... grand sire, Impressive, and we have specifically sought out this bloodline becasue the foals are calm, laid back, super easy to work with, usually have an inbred submissive nature and have the uncanny characteristic of seeming to know how to do something before you train them to do it - this makes them ideal for those who want to train their first horse.  


Secondly we bought Duly for his conformation which is very good - he is not super perfect but he is very good.


Thirdly we bought him for his capability to produce color - he is a cremello and he will always pass on one creme gene to each of his foals - that means palominos and buckskins - plus the bonus that Duly is also a grey which means there is a chance of a grey foal.


Our miniature Stallion Shortbox is also a cremello with excellent bloodlines.  He will be available for stud to mini mares in 2016.


Our Miniature Jack Donkey is an Ivory, which is the closest you can come to a Cremello in the Donkey family.  He is avaialble for stud.

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