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1989 Appaloosa Grade Mare - AKA Tops



Name: TopSpot AKA Tops
Color: Bay Leopard
Height: 16HH
Birthdate: 1989
Where is she now: Sadly we do not know - We sold her at a breeder's auction when we moved to all reg. stock.
Acquired: By Purchase as a 3 year old


No Pedigree Available

Tops was a grade mare that we bought north of Winnipeg.  Since I had a very loud App filly when I was a kid I will always have a soft spot for leopard Apps.  I spotted the ad in the paper and convinced my husband that we should go look at this horse.  The owner said she was very quiet - I asked him how he thought she would trailer and he thought she would do okay.  Well we set out on our big adventure.  We had a little two horse bumper hitch trailer that we had borrowed out to a friend who was wanting to take a blind horse to the meat yard.  We were to meet up with him on the road and pick up the trailer from him and continue on our way.  When we met up with our friend we found that he had a very interesting time taking his horse away and his horse had literally hit the roof when he put him in our trailer.  There was a big piece of the roof flapping in the breeze.  We couldn't really do much to fix it on the road so now we had to decide if we were still going to follow through and go check this leopard App mare out.  Being adventurous and still not very bright we went ahead.  We got to the place where they were selling the horse and were immediately shocked at how big she was.  She was no ordinary horse and was big enough to have had some draft in her, though she didn't look drafty.  I think the poor fellow was quite taken aback when we pulled on with our little two horse trailer and he looked kind of skeptical when we agreed to buy the horse if we could get her in the trailer.  It didn't actually take very long and she was crammed in  and the doors were all shut - if she had wanted to get out she probably could have just farted and been out - but still being very stupid greenhorns we jumped in our truck - tickled with our purchase and settled in for the 2 hour ride home.  I'm pretty sure if the mare had even shifted her weight she would have probably rolled the trailer and the truck - but we, oblivious to the major wreck waiting to happen behind us, merrily chatted away, excited about our brilliant acquisition - and we had an uneventful trip despite the fluttering roof.

When we got her home we unloaded her and put her in our corral - it just so happened that a friend of ours who has lots of horse experience and I'm sure has shook his head a lot more than once at us, was down for a visit so we proudly showed him our new purchase.  We told him what we had paid for her.  He thought we did all right,  when we described her to him.  Then we told him she was going to have  foal - he said we had gotten a pretty decent deal - then we took him outside and showed him our jolly giant - he took one look at her then at our beaten up little two horse trailer and then back at her and asked us incredulously "You got that mare in that tiny little trailer and she rode all the way home with no incident? You got one *%&^ of a deal he said."

And that was our initiation to Tops.  Tops went on to provide us with 3 foals - all big and loud like she was - all nice foals.  We took Tops to the Rocking W sale in Brandon and sold her and her baby Daytona through the auction ring when we decided to try to move up to registered horses.  I really do regret selling her.  She was a big, kind, sweet mare and we really didn't know enough about horses when we had her to fully appreciate her.  I would sure like to know where she wound up and I can only hope she is in a good home.  
Oh, she did have one drawback though - she ate enough to feed 5 horses.


  • We Specialize in Helping First Time BuyersWe're here to help!  We were desperate for help when we first started with horses and made many mistakes because we just didn't know any better - There are many critical errors that first time owners make with their horses.  Things that you can be easily taught to avoid that will make a huge difference in how your horse behaves now and how he will behave in the future.  We offer our help in a unique, affordable way - one on one  - you just pay us what it is worth to you.Our Tack Shop was started to help First Time Buyers We started our shop because when we started we couldn't find affordable tack and we couldn't find anyone who would help us by what we needed, instead of attempting to oversell us.We sell you what you need and do not oversell you on things that you do not need.  If you want to spend extra money we have a good selection of stock for the extras too, but we work to give you the best quality in your price range.

  • First Time Buyers When you come to us as a first time horse owner or potential buyer, if you are interested we will give you a horse lesson, this is a basic lesson on how horses think and how you need to project yourself in order to have a successful relationship with your horse.  We will also attempt to outfit you with what you need - what fits you and your horse and your price range.   Non- First Time Buyers Even if you've had horses for a while, if you are having trouble we would be glad to try to help.  Our shop is off the beaten path, but by moving the tack shop to our ranch, it allows us to be able to give hands on demonstrations with live horses.  We are happy to answer any questions.  We stock a decent supply of non-first time buyer stuff as well.

  • Horses Born at Red Dog Ranch We have been breeding horses for 15 years.  We carefully chose our stallion to produce easy to get along with, fast learning, fun to work with foals that have the looks and build to compete in most local shows.  We were purposefully after laid back temperaments that would be more user friendly for less confident owners.  The fact that our stallion is a cremello means there is the added bonus of gorgeous color and his pedigree has enough show points behind him to ensure good builds as well.Other Horses we have For Sale We do take horses in trade for our Red Dog foals.  We evaluate each horse as it comes on the yard, then we price it and start working with it.  We have the basic goal that all the horses that pass through our yard will leave better than when they came and advancing toward what we call our "ideal" horse or to the best of their ability toward our ideal horse.   Prices do increase as their training progresses.

  • Horses That Have Passed Through Red Dog Ranch In the last 15 years we have owned many horses.  We love getting new horses working with them and learning from them and them and then finding new owners for them.  We have had many success stories.  Click Here to see some of the horses we have  owned.If you own a Red Dog Ranch horse... We would love to have you post your positive comments about your horse.  Please contact us and we can give you information as to how you can post your accomplishements on your Red Dog Ranch horse's page on this site.

  • Duly is a proven stallion ... He consistently throws laid back, level headed easy to work with foals with the bonus of a great build and color.  CLICK HERE to see a gallery of his foals.If you own a Duly baby... We would love to have you post your positive comments about your horse.  Please contact us and we can give you information as to how you can post your accomplishements on your Red Dog Ranch horse's page on this site.

What's New At Red Dog?

  • Buying a Horse this year? WAIT!

    With the advancement in genetic testing there is now something to consider when you buy your next horse.   For years many people have had horses with little problems (and big problems) that they have been frustrated with, spent thousands of dollars in vet bills on and have gotten rid of becasue they just couldn;t make them work.


    Now with genetic testing it has been discovered that some of these horses have a hereditary diseases known as PSSM.


    PSSM causes the following symptoms - many of which people chalk up to normal horse behavior, spoiled, poor training, etc.


    a Few common PSSM symptoms include:

    - A jekyll/hyde personality - very sweet one day , nasty the next

    - bucking, especially when asked to canter or lope

    - biting at the sides

    - frequent colic (which often is not colic but has been misdiagnosed as colic even by vets)

    - lots of rolling

    - refusal to move forward

    - extreme anxiety when trailering

    - stiff hard muscles

    - tying up

    - rope walking

    - dislikes being brushed

    - nasty attitude for saddling

    - there are many more symptoms


    If you are considering buying a horse this year - make sure at the very least the horse is tested and is nn for PSSM1 - better is to make sure it is 5 panel nn - and even better is to make sure it is negative for the PSSM2 variants (there are currently 4 - P2, P3, P4 and P5) and there is another one causing problems known as PX (originating in TB lines)


    If you think your horse may have PSSM (it is in about 20-30% of Quarter Horses and QH crosses) amongst other breeds - you can contact me for more info or you can go to BRIDGEquine.com for more info.  Testing for P1 is easy and inexpensive and you can do ti yourself.  You can also send myou horses pedigree and I can tell you if it has known PSSM in its background.


  • 2018 Foals are Almost Ready to be Weaned

    2018 foals are almost ready to be weaned!
    We have three foals left to choose from.

    One from our Smokey black mare ImpressivePerfection
    (a beautiful Perlino (or smokey cream or cremello) filly
    One from BMF Honeys Jameen
    A handsome grey palomino colt.

    We also have one Pitch Black Pony colt.
    He should be around 10-11 HH
    Right now he is pitch black with a white star. 


    Exciting times!

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